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66 Japanese stay in families of Changsha, Hunan

Date: 2007-09-03

Li Shuying (left) and Iida Hitomi are showing  Chinese knots their handicraft making in Li's home the building of Feidei district, Changsha, on September 1. Photo by Yu Haiyang)

Rednet ( Changsha,September 1) "Hugimemasideh, duozu rurosiku", said Iida Hitomi, a polite japanese girl, by entering into Wang Fen's home, an average home of Changsha people. " Come on in, feel yourself at home!", Wang the hostess warmly said to her with Li Shuying (her daughter) as an interpreter.

Talking in Chinese and Japanese, the three persons gave out laughters from a resident area of Yuhua district in Changsha City.Wang led Hitomi to her home from the Meeting of Family exchange activity of Japanese youth delegation that afternoon. Hitomi is a student of Shizuoka University of industry,Japanese, and her major is communication. In the next 24 hours, Hitomi and other 65 Japanese students will have wonderful and unforgettable moments staying in 65 families in Changsha City, Hunan Province.

Can't lose face for Changshanese

It is the first time that Wang has her foreign visitor. She feels exited and busy for preparation. As soon as she got home, she took out fruits and beverages for welcoming the guest. " I like fruits and Changsha food. Changsha cuisine is good, but it maybe too hot for me", said Hitomi. Wang laughed that she will re-arrange the dishes that she had thought to make. The original decision of making a few spicy dishes, which for showing the Japanese friend Hunan cuisines, would be changed. Helping her mum, Li started to clear a room for the guest. It is the first time of her to do chores for another person, and she brought a new billow for the guest to feel comfortable at "home".