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Simple one-stop hotel marketing communication meeting in changsha

Date: 2014-02-28

The long-awaited "simple" one-stop hotel marketing communication meeting on February 27, 2014, in changsha dacheng international hotel grand meeting, the conference organizers from changsha jia chi software co., LTD., are invited to the meeting in the hotel industry in hunan province, jia chi software for everybody's arrival, expressed the warm welcome and heartfelt thanks. Here everyone together, happy, share together, study together, common harvest, uphold the "a problem, everyone together to solve" the idea of the meeting of all the way, no one leaves, all in high spirits.
Host to a "21st century is the age of network information, people's life and the activities of the enterprise management has entered the convenient and fast in the information age, the application of how to use the Internet to our hotel marketing to?" Please out of the jia chi software general manager Mr Siu gwan chan took to share "how to use the Internet, let your occupancy rate reached 120%, his wonderful speech, let us feel the rapid development of Internet, people's life changes, and the importance of the Internet for all walks of life development in recent years. Also let us think about how to follow the development of the Internet, using the Internet tool, do a good job in the hotel marketing, create more revenue for the hotel, and in a very competitive at present, the hotel how to break through in the trouble. After Mr Siu gwan chan's speech, the meeting become unusually quiet, all guests deep in thought.