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Changsha (international) food exposition opened 400 companies collective appearance

Date: 2014-09-25

This morning, by the department of commerce of hunan province, hunan province economic and information commission, China's food soil livestock import and export chamber of commerce co-hosted the 2014 China (changsha) international food fair in hongxing international exhibition center. What newspaper xiang, vice governor of hunan province attended the opening ceremony and cruise pavilion.
This exhibition as the department of commerce of hunan province key of exhibition projects, exhibition area of 20000 square meters, with 800 standard booths set up, professional, high quality buyers. Starting this year, the exhibition will be held once a year, strive to through fostering, comprehensively promotes the radiation, and brand influence degrees of the exhibition, and strive to build to become no.1 middle area food, for the domestic food companies to build up the display of new products, business negotiations, industry good platform of information exchange, market research, help enterprise to promote the brand image, expand the domestic market.
Exhibitors are gathered to industry event
2014 food show exhibits all-encompassing, the dizzying, including tea, alcohol, edible oil, dairy drinks, seasoning food, leisure food, cold fresh, canned food, sugar, special diets, such as food category, all aspects involved in the field of food, exhibits rich. This affair has reached nearly 400 companies, brings together the hunan, hubei, guizhou, sichuan, yunnan, jiangxi, liaoning, jiangsu both strength competitive industry leading enterprises, including agricultural giant food group in hunan province, hunan tea group, drunk wine, tang dynasty god, etc., they will be displayed during the exhibition green health food, present their new technology, new achievements in the food industry.
In addition to these famous elite enterprises in the industry, the emergence of the glory of a rising star, also without exception, will be 2014 affair as a display image, brand promotion, develop the market, listed on the new product of choice. In addition, ningxiang, qiyang, xiangtan key county of the three characteristics of the county economy in hunan province will display the local food industry development achievements; Brother provinces such as yunnan, jiangxi, liaoning will bring extremely local characteristics of food flavor group, yunnan puer tea, jiangxi, liaoning control of dry goods will be wonderful. Food fair 2014 is an international platform for the display, Macao, China, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Thailand, and many other domestic and foreign well-known food companies are eager to participate in, sharing food imports.
By livestock import and export chamber of commerce of China food soil "health food into the community" project and the electricity from hunan public platform to build "electricity public platform" exhibition will make its debut in the 2014 affair, also become one of the highlights of the exhibition. The former will set up 200 square meters booth, "health food into the community" project display mode, advantages and demonstration engineering enterprises, and will be with hunan high quality food manufacturers such as god, the new five feng tang dynasty, nine zhi hall and so on a series of docking, attract food brand enterprises to establish related store "health food"; The latter by electric business platform zone show, will not only for electricity food enterprises to expand the traditional market, open sales channels to provide an opportunity to also will show the hunan electric business mode and achievement of public platform, help the traditional pattern of food enterprises import e-commerce platform.
High quality buyers to create unlimited opportunities
The food show intensify the invitation of professional audiences, city in mainland provinces and jiangxi, guangdong, guangxi, guizhou, hubei province important cities related publicity materials provided by the market. And to establish a dedicated buyers invitation call team, inviting dealers and purchasers to. In addition, the department of commerce of hunan province to invite large business super, group procurement unit high-quality buyers, such as a series of production and marketing docking. At present, the reservation registration number of buyers has already reached 3000 people, including the tong cheng industrial group, XinYiJia business investment co., LTD., the home run many supermarket co., LTD., vanguard supermarket, backgammon commercial chain co., LTD. And other large business super, hunan huatian hotel, shennong hotel in changsha, changsha dolton well-known hotel, changsha to sheraton hotel, etc. In addition, hunan takahashi big market, hunan changsha hongxing market, wuhan rudder fall mouth big market, big east spices and other professional market dealers agents will also to visit procurement.
In terms of mass consumers, the organizing committee by the micro letter, text messages, bus ads, real estate, the subway ads, television ads, newspaper ads, radio ads, airport advertising, high-speed rail way, handing out pamphlets and a series of propaganda, attract consumers. Organizing committee will print tens of thousands of copies of a food flyer, in each big buildings, communities, pedestrian street city strip, such as distributing, and arrangements during the voting sweepstakes, large-scale activities such as promotions, all-round improve popularity of the exhibition.
Activities colorful promotion effect
The food fair in addition to present products and provide the exhibitors with brand platform, will provide the exhibitors with professionalism and timeliness with a series of activities. Including food show the opening ceremony of 2014 and 2014 series of food purchasing ccpit, 2014 food and food safety industry development peak BBS, 2014 food consumer favorite food brand selection, merchants alliance activities, tourism hotel purchaser symposium, hunan wine year prize-giving grand ceremony of influential people, hunan xiang tea series (fall), 9 theme activities of hunan cuisine culture festival press conference.
Series 2014 food procurement ccpit is one of the focus of the exhibition activities, divided into import business and large business super docking, domestic trade enterprises and large business super docking two parts. In terms of imports and docking, department of commerce of hunan province inlet organized in the province of 86 large department stores, supermarkets and 16 food import enterprise docking, in the province to open import commodity sales channels, expand imports, hunan meet the diverse demand of the people in the province is of great significance. And on domestic trade enterprises docking, the organizing committee through the prophase research, a comprehensive grasp the enterprise needs to buyers requirements, and in advance to "one to one", "one to many" docking communication, will be arranged a backgammon, metro, wal-mart, rt-mart, XinYiJia 20-30 potential target customers with high quality related personnel to participate in, and the related enterprise to carry on the cooperation and docking, and related to purchase intention.