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Sunlight extraordinarily qiao at the weekend Addiction to xingsha is a rural life

Date: 2014-10-29

Divine garden:
Vaulting horse township in the garden of bliss is given priority to with nursery stock, flowers, walk in the park, is a lush trees on both sides with large pieces of stone, glittering and sipping sweet lotus plants also nod and smile at you.
See all this, all close to natural desire are hooked up one by one. Hum a QuJiangNa tunes, taste local delicacies, product a cup of GanChunMing tea, very comfortable, very comfortable.
The most comfortable
With the children feel slow life
Leading well modern farm:
Red, jujube, cherries, pomegranates, short late pomelo, strawberry, back in the town of jiang leading well modern farms, all kinds of fruit trees feast for the eyes.
Farm was built in the pavilion project experience, can do it by grinding bean curd pudding, do a Mosaic with grain. You can also take children roll hoop, touch the loach, rubber band skipping, feel your childhood.
Wave peak heights:
"Wave peak mountain" and "reservoir" gone with the wind peak in fundus, open hui township in the wave peak heights, simple life is absolutely make you happy.
The season food, "don't do the out-of-season vegetables", wave peak heights with unique peak mountain spring, "" gone with the wind tunnel farm-style cooking, and bake complete sheep and rural self-service barbecue is waiting for you to taste.
Days arts hill:
Speaking of landscape pastoral, sand in the town of day art village, 130 acres of original ecological forest and planted forest has a unique flavor, reception center and hotel club more in the form of courtyard is unique
There are 400 mu of the south's largest sweet crisp jujube orchard and 220 acres of high-quality vineyards, also kept the pheasants, peacock, pig, etc.
Not to be missed
Xingsha travel guides
"One-day tour line recommended"
Star sand village - new river ecology garden - cherry blossom spring - seal - qing dynasty national agricultural tourism demonstration area - spirifer lake ecological park - MuYun wildlife park
Recommend 】 【 LiangRiYou lines
D1 star sand - board warehouse town - open - hui hui memorial embellish club - changsha international camping base (outdoor adventure, camping)
D2 changsha international camping base - gold well (happy rural bike ride) - xiang feng tea industry tourism demonstration site - tigers garden - the three treasures herbarium
"Cycling route"
"Li, a shop" safflower greenery line: star sand - MAO pond shop - wipe saddle shop - oil shop shop local-style dwelling houses in the qing dynasty (peace) - castle peak - the first shop shop huashan (days) - lam (shadow bead) - shop zhushan (board town, hui memorial) - changsha international camp base
"Thyme tea gallery" leisure sightseeing line: star sand - primavera (grape base) - intersection (vegetable base, the mountain forest park) - takahashi (mushroom base, egrets lake resort, li weihan took residence) - gold well town - dragon village (the new countryside demonstration village) - xiang feng tea industry tourism demonstration site (tea garden, tigers garden, herbarium) - white sands (small fruit base)