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Summer in changsha for a trip for the tip of the tongue and heart

Date: 2014-12-18

Because reputation in France, grapes surrounded the French romantic amorous feelings, always is so beautiful.
After deep red wine in a crystal goblet, slightly sway glass liquid emit bright colour and lustre and cascading halo overflow attitude, after the entrance not only light slightly drunk alcohol, and fruit aroma, hovering around the lips and the tip of the tongue. Such a romantic trip with the tip of the tongue, without crossing, in changsha, more than 200 ecological vineyards, can let you enjoy referral of fresh grapes, to enjoy the summer cool and refreshing, can also experience the romantic French amorous feelings.
Day dew garden
Sweet farmers interest
After six years, set heaven and earth reiki, from the capital city south, jin river west trunk nest forest park arms off, "day dew garden" grape nirvana, stirring up again the tip of the tongue and palate of changsha people.
At present, the day the dew garden grape planting base overall has reached more than 1240 mu of cultivated area, brings together the day show affection, black beauty, purple jade and so on more than 30 high-quality grape varieties, can let you swimming in the tip of the tongue. In addition, pollution-free vegetable base of 700 mu, 300 mu of taxus chinensis (panda) in plants planting base, nearly 500 mu of natural resources, ecological fish breeding reservoir around yuelu industry park of science and technology "green core", rural tourism and farming experience, can let a person completely release of body and mind. Bachelor's streets this summer, with jade Jiang Nong boring valley project starts, it will work together with jade Jiang Nong boring valley with a sweet, a farmer in a boring cyclone storm.
Changyou vineyard
Two fitting for delicious leisure
Speaking of vineyards, leading well leisure farms have to mention, this is located in xingsha jiang back in the town of leisure farm. Leading well modern farm with a total area of 495 mu, of which the grape planting area of 200 mu, farm main three grape varieties were black, ruby and summer red earth, starting from the mid to late July to mid to late October, will be picking grapes for tourists. Because of sandy soil and particularly sweet, leading well grape once won its reputation as the "changsha most sweet grapes".
In addition to picking grapes, leading well leisure farm also provides the vine adoption services, choose a favorite vine and hung up his own name, the vine will belong to you! Adopt the vine is the price of 500 yuan/tree, regardless of the key, each tree farm every year will let you take at least 20 grapes.
Dicui villa is located in the city LeiFeng Town real bridge village, covers an area of 1200 mu, is the largest red planting base in south of the Yangtze river, Victoria, seedless, beauty 38 kinds of excellent varieties of red, gold finger, etc. At the same time you can also in fort grapes this experience museum, european-style wine gives you different feeling happy.
Thousands of longhu ecological vineyard fruit hanging branches, also sweet and attractive. Happy families harvest, swim, sweet and romantic couples picking tour, harmonious team harvest, swimming... There is always a suitable for you. Thousands of longhu lavender garden, vanilla in full bloom, not out of changsha, feel the French romance and charming amorous feelings. In thousand lake dragon boat leisure experience, draw up the dragon boat can also hi enough.